NetEx Technologies delivers across all the key virtualisation disciplines including virtualised desktop, server, applications and storage, and is one of the leading virtualisation suppliers in the Canada. Expert in the key VMware, Citrix and Microsoft Hyper-V Virtualisation technologies, NetEx Technologies is a Gold-accredited Citrix Virtualisation Supplier in the Canada.

Virtualization is not just for global IT infrastructures as virtualization addresses fundamental issues and inefficiencies found in organizations of any size:

  • Low server utilization levels
  • Limited space to develop infrastructure
  • Lack of budget to purchase new hardware
  • Inefficient or absent backup/restore capabilities
  • Spiraling power and cooling expenses
  • Ineffective processes to build and deploy desktop devices and servers

Virtualisation was identified in a recent CIO survey as a key infrastructure necessity for CIOs to cut costs and reduce wasted power over the next 12 months.


Virtualisation consolidates hardware devices in a logical environment. For instance, one virtual network device could take an image of a physical network rack making a digital version, and keep all the devices separate in its memory. But, why have a virtual version instead of an actual one? Virtualisation boosts the capacity of IT infrastructures in a cost and space efficient way.


Rapid growth in x86 servers and the infrastructure (networking, storage etc) has in a lot of cases created an infrastructure that is difficult to measure and monitor. Therefore many IT departments lack the information needed to assess the suitability of their environment to a virtual infrastructure. Based on cross-section of organisation environments:

  • 5-10% processor utilisation
  • 3x average peak hour utilisation
  • System capacity much greater than usage requirements
  • 20-50% more physical servers found
  • 40% servers >3 years old
  • 28% servers <700mhz


A formal assessment of your existing and planned resources and virtualization needs should be done before attaining a virtualisation solution. How virtual machines will be distributed across physical computers can be determined using capacity planning for optimal performance and ease of management. Your assessment should answer the following questions:

  • How many servers do you have?
  • Which roles do they serve: application, database, web, etc?
  • How many servers do you need?
  • How many users do you serve?
  • Do you have any issues with your current servers?
  • Do you want to streamline any processes?
  • Which server utilisation trends have you observed?
  • What percentage of your resources are underutilized and for how long, on average?
  • Which usage patterns would you prefer to see?
  • How much of your existing infrastructure can you virtualise?


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