Why Virtualization Services are Important?

Virtualization services can improve IT agility, flexibility, and scalability while saving money. Greater workload mobility, improved resource performance and availability, and automated operations are all benefits of virtualization that make IT easier to manage and less expensive to own and operate.

People use virtualization in computing for a variety of reasons. The most common use for desktop users is the ability to run applications designed for a different operating system without having to switch computers or reboot into a different system. Virtualization provides server administrators with the ability to run multiple operating systems, but perhaps more importantly, it provides a way to segment a large system into many smaller parts, allowing the server to be used more efficiently by a variety of different users or applications with varying needs. It also enables isolation, keeping programmes running within a virtual machine separate from processes running in another virtual machine on the same host.

Consulting Services for Virtualization

NetEx Technologies offers viable consulting services to companies based in the Canada that want to boost productivity while lowering IT infrastructure costs. Switching to virtualization aids in the control of workloads across data centres while also lowering energy consumption and IT infrastructure costs.

NetEx Technologies Virtualization Consulting Services provides end-to-end solutions. We have a track record of success in assisting organizations in transitioning to a virtualized IT environment and meeting the demand for more efficient IT operations.

Application Virtualization – In this process, applications are virtualized and streamed from a server to the end user’s device.

Desktop Virtualization – Desktop virtualization is a technique for isolating a computer’s desktop environment from the physical computer. It is most commonly found in data centres, where personalised desktop images for each user are hosted on a data centre server.

Virtualization of Hardware – Hardware virtualization is the process of creating virtual (rather than physical) versions of computers and operating systems. It aims to run multiple operating systems on the same hardware and allows multiple users to use the processor at the same time.

Virtualization of Networks – This is a method of combining available network resources by dividing available bandwidth into independent channels, each of which can be assigned or reassigned to a specific server or device in real time.

Virtualization of the Operating System – Operating System (OS) Virtualization: It allows organisations to use a single server to run multiple operating systems instead of having a dedicated server for each OS.

Virtualization of servers – Server virtualization is a method of partitioning a single physical server into multiple virtual servers, each of which runs its own operating system, applications, and functions as a separate server.

Virtualization of Storage – Storage virtualization is the process of combining physical storage from multiple network storage devices to perform as if it were on a single storage device.

Virtualization Services Benefits

NetEx Technologies provides customised IT Virtualization consulting solutions that are perfectly aligned with the needs of customers’ businesses. Our domain experts work with you to reap the benefits of virtualization for all mission-critical business applications.

Improved agility: Our services allow for the accelerated virtualization of critical business applications, as well as improved storage I/O performance.

Enhanced productivity: To ensure increased productivity, we are focusing on simplifying storage management and hardware consolidation.

Advanced resource optimization: By combining available resources and dividing available bandwidth into independent channels, we ensure advanced levels of resource optimization.

Backup and Disaster Recovery: The fail-safe backup and disaster recovery plan ensures the proper management and storage of critical customer data.

Our Strategy

NetEx Technologies follows a four-phase strategy for its IT Virtualization services:

Analysis and Assessment: Following a thorough examination of the customer’s IT environment, we provide an estimate of the total cost of ownership for the infrastructure, as well as the cost of setup.

Design: During this phase, we develop a detailed project plan and outline the strategy to be used for server virtualization.

Deployment: Our team of experts collaborates with customers to authenticate, configure, and deploy a new infrastructure that meets performance requirements.

Support: We provide multiple levels of support technologies and collaborate with customers to determine the best level of support for their workforce and capabilities.