Disaster Recovery Services

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With NetEx Technologies comprehensive disaster recovery services, you can protect any workload while balancing the speed and cost of recovery with the criticality of your data.

The Advantages of Disaster Recovery Services

• Reduce Business Risk

Disasters, such as ransomware, are more common than ever. Ensure that your applications can continue to function even if a disaster occurs.

• Optimize Investments

Choose the DR solution that best meets your application’s criticality, RTO and RPO requirements, and ability to leverage cloud economics.

• Simplify Operations

  • With automated DR orchestration and a consistent environment across production and DR sites, you can create and manage recovery plans for all of your VMs.

A DR plan should include the following elements:

  • A DR policy statement, a plan overview, and the plan’s main goals.
  • Contact information for key personnel and the DR team.
  • A detailed description of disaster response actions taken immediately after an incident.
  • A diagram of the entire network as well as the recovery site.
  • Instructions on how to get to the recovery site.
  • A list of the software and systems that will be used by staff during the recovery.
  • Templates for a variety of technology recoveries, including vendor technical documentation.
  • Internal and external contacts, as well as boilerplate for dealing with the media, are all part of the communication.
  • Insurance coverage summary
  • Proposed actions to address financial and legal issues.
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