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All IT support will be provided remotely; on-site support is not included. Remote assistance will be facilitated using AnyDesk, TeamViewer, or other authorized third-party software. If the issue cannot be resolved during the selected support package, additional support packages can be purchased to address your IT needs.
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Free Trial: The free trial is exclusively available to new subscribers and is restricted to a maximum of 2 users with mobile extensions. Any hardware provided during the trial must be returned within 21 days of trial cancellation to avoid hardware charges. SMS functionality is not accessible during the trial period.

Acceptable Use Policies: All plans are subject to acceptable use policies.

Enhanced Business SMS: The use of Enhanced Business SMS is governed by our SMS/MMS content policies, including limitations on volume and frequency, as well as the Acceptable Use Policy. Automated, high volume, or marketing SMS services are available at an additional cost under RingCentral High Volume SMS.

Phone Rental: Phone rental is only available with a multi-year contract.

Taxes and Fees: Additional taxes and fees such as the E911 Service Fee, Compliance and Administrative Cost Recovery Fee, 911 Fee, and State and Local Taxes may apply. Please refer to the Taxes & Fees section for detailed information.

Additional Toll-Free Minutes: Additional toll-free minutes can be purchased separately.

International Calls: Charges for international calls will be based on the current rates published in our international rates table. Calls to international toll-free numbers will incur charges per minute according to the respective country’s rate.

Mobile User Extension Charges: While adding a Mobile User extension is complimentary, usage of a Mobile User extension for making or receiving phone calls in a given month will incur charges at the same monthly rate as Digital Lines.

Limitation on Unlimited Calls: Unlimited phone calls are restricted to the US and CA markets only.

Digital Discount: The Digital Discount promotion is subject to modification or termination without prior notice. To qualify for the $10/month Digital Discount, you must maintain a subscription to a Prepaid or Postpaid VoIP connection on an eligible plan, enroll in Auto Pay (with pre-authorized payments), and maintain an active and valid Auto Pay method on file. The $10 monthly discount will be applied starting from your next monthly bill. If you port your number away from NetEx, your service will no longer qualify for the discount. Additional taxes may apply.

Use your existing phone number: To use your old phone number with service we need to port out from your current provider your number must be active and we need latest invoice showing your account number name address and phone number.